Picking berries is fun at Solstice Berry Farm!
Enjoy family fun-times gathering local berries yourself.

Picking Dates  - Historically, we have saskatoon berries ready soon after August 1.  Ripening varies from year to year depending on spring weather. This is Alberta after all!  Please bookmark our web site and check back regularly as we will update the main page about the status of the fruit.

How to Pick - Picking saskatoons at Solstice Berry Farm is easy!  We will make your berry picking experience as simple and fun as possible.  We supply pails, each lined with a plastic bag. You pick the fruit yourself and place it in the pail.  When it's full, simply pull the bag out of the pail. We'll seal and weigh your bag of berries for you at our store – ready to go home.  The pail stays with us for the next person to use and we never handle your fruit.

What to Bring - When you come to our farm, it is important that you be prepared for changing weather conditions. It's important that you bring a hat, sunscreen, bug spray, good walking shoes, drinking water (we do sell refreshments) and something to cover up with if it cools off or rains.

Hand Washing – Hand washing before and after picking is important, especially following a visit to the washroom. This is a small and simple way to protect the fruit from contamination.   After picking, your hands may be sticky (and even faces from some free samples).  We certainly don’t mind if you taste-test but ask that the majority of the fruit ends up in the pail to go home with you!

Amenities - We offer basic refreshments for sale to our visitors (bottled water, soft drinks, juices, and frozen snacks).
A (handicap/wheelchair accessible) washroom is available for all our visitors, so not to worry if those little ones need “to go” after your short trip to our berry farm. There is a hand-wash station mounted on the outside of our store so you can wash your hands and face without entering the washroom. Garbage cans and recycling bins are available at our store so that we can all work together to preserve our farm and home area.

Payment - We are pleased to accept cash, debit, Visa, and MasterCard for your convenience.

Supervision - We ask that all parents, grandparents or guardians keep a close eye on the children in your party.  Our saskatoon farm is a big place and we do not want your children to be separated from you.  Please supervise them at all times.

U-Pick Prices for 2017:  U-pick: $3.00 lb Pre-picked: $5.20 lb.
We will do our best to have pre-picked fruit available every day. Call ahead for availability.   (Take home extra for the winter!)

Frozen Fruit - If you find you run out of saskatoons before next year’s picking season, do give us a call as we usually have frozen saskatoon berry fruit available for sale.  Please call for availability and pricing of frozen saskatoon berries. Typically we package in 2.5lb and 5lb bags, as well as 25lb boxes for real berry enthusiasts!  Make your own Christmas gifts and fruit wine using saskatoons and spread the joy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we bring a picnic lunch?
Of course and please, make a day of it! We have picnic tables placed with a view of the orchard and the countryside and we welcome you and your coolers to this area. Cold drinks are available for sale at our farm as well as small snacks. Please note that alcohol is not permitted.

Can we bring our pets to the farm? - Public health prohibit pets in the orchard, general areas & store.
We respectfully request that all pets remain at home and our own pets are restricted at harvest time as well!  If your pet is traveling with you, and you choose to leave your pet in your vehicle, please be prepared to leave your vehicle locked and running with the air-conditioning on.  Shade is minimal on our farm.  For travellers, please speak to our sales staff about an area where your dog can relieve itself.  It cannot do so in the orchard due to health regulations.  It is best to leave your pets at home if possible.

Do you have washrooms?
We have a (handicap/wheelchair accessible) washroom.  Please refrain from “taking to the bushes” as per health regulations.  We also have a baby change station in place for those little ones!

Do you take credit or debit cards?
Yes we are happy to accept debit, Visa, and MasterCard in addition to good old-fashioned cash.

Can I bring my own containers for picking?
Absolutely, if you wish.  We do provide pails lined with plastic bags for all pickers, but if you chose to bring your own container we will deduct the weight (if a pail or basket) from the total cost when you come to our store to check out before you leave.  Please ask our field staff when you arrive so that we can pre-weigh the container if it is not a standard ice cream pail.

Can we smoke on the farm?
We respectfully request that you refrain from smoking while on the farm.  We endeavour to keep the grounds as clean as possible from refuse.  We are also very concerned about fire hazards in the orchard.  As a rural home, we are serviced only by a volunteer fire department and we have had a grass fire before!

We see you have a trout pond.  Can we visit it? 
The trout pond is off-limits to visitors due to county regulations – there are no exceptions.  You can enjoy the view of the water from the orchard and from the picnic area.

Children must be supervised and warning signs are posted as this deep water body (22 ft).   It is a drowning hazard.

We value any questions, comments or suggestions you may have regarding Solstice Berry Farm, its operations and your visit in general.  Please don't hesitate to follow the link on our contact page to reach us.

Solstice Berry Farm is a working farm. There are staff and equipment at work regularly in the orchard and public areas and we ask that you use caution in their presence. Also, the ground is uneven in many places as one would expect on a farm. Entry to the farm is at your own risk.