Our History


In 1994 an enterprising couple from Calgary, who had been looking for 5 years for the perfect place to call home, moved to the Dogpound area SE of Cremona. The quarter section of land offered beautiful views, a mix of farmland and pasture, fabulous soil and livestock facillities. It also had a mobile home that would be their humble home for 10 years as they saved to build their dream home.

It started with 100 sheep! They loved animals and the dream was to have 100 ewes and continue to grow the hay that was established on the farm. With the gentle guidance of new friends they learned how to make a decent bale of hay and they mustered their ewes and lambed out 250 lambs - blissful chaos!

Along came their son (the posterchild for Solstice Berry Farm) and the sheep went except for a handful of purebreds. Export hay became the mainstay of the farm until 2003 when the wife made the fateful suggestion that "we should plant saskatoons". They already were growing some in their garden and they grew beautifully in the gorgeous loam that is the legacy of the land.

5 years later there were 40,000 saskatoons in the ground and the workload had gone up 10-fold. Growing fruit on the prairies is not for the faint of heart! Weather affects all aspects of farming, so that is not unique to saskatoons, but there is no crop insurance for prairie fruit so when hail comes all fruit growers cringe! However, farmers are a fiesty and persistent bunch and we continue to nurture our orchard with determination and care.

After 10 years in the saskatoon industry we continue to strive to produce premium saskatoons to the highest possible standard and hope that all our visitors and customers come to the farm to enjoy what we found here - beauty, peace, and a sense of belonging.

Welcome to our Home!